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Reinforced Concrete or Humanism?

One of my friends suggested me to compare cities in both America and China on my blog instead of always villages and mountains, he said he wanted something cool and fashionable ! Unfortunately, I am an old-fashioned young man. I know nothing about big cities except I was born in a big city, Urumqi, China. After thinking, I decide to share what big cities in both America and China look like through my eyes without any comparison and comments. Hopefully, you can find some fashion elements or interesting points from this entry.

What does big city look like?

In my mind, big cities are all made of reinforced concrete wherever they are in America or China. Do you believe big cities also have emotions?

New York City

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After a whole day hard work, with several good friends, we usually ate kebab with cold beer and dreaming about future. It was the best moment of a day when I was in China. Every time I remember this scene, I still can feel the odor of  lamb kebab with the special source from my hometown floating into my noise.  In America, every thanks giving, my friends invited me and my wife to eat smoked turkey and grilled ham.Before eating, we pray to Lord. Thanks God to forgive our sin and provide food for us. It is peaceful and warm.

America: Grilling, Smoking and Baking

Grilled hamburger and ribs 

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Farming Stone !

Crater of Diamonds State Park,AR,America & Hetian,Xinjiang,China
Crater of Diamonds State Park,AR,America & Hotan,Xinjiang,China

Our world is full of coincidences! Can you believe people are farming stone in both America and China? One is happy family activity in the part and the other is serious adventure for living.

Crater of Diamonds State Park: having fun with families

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