After a whole day hard work, with several good friends, we usually ate kebab with cold beer and dreaming about future. It was the best moment of a day when I was in China. Every time I remember this scene, I still can feel the odor of  lamb kebab with the special source from my hometown floating into my noise.  In America, every thanks giving, my friends invited me and my wife to eat smoked turkey and grilled ham.Before eating, we pray to Lord. Thanks God to forgive our sin and provide food for us. It is peaceful and warm.

America: Grilling, Smoking and Baking

Grilled hamburger and ribs 

Smoked Ham

Smoked Turkey

Actually, people can do BBQ in anytime and anywhere, not only in thanks given or certain special days in America. Here is a video I took last year in campus of Arkansas States University.


China: Shish Kebab,  Nangkeng Kebab and Peking Duck

Squid Shish Kebabs -Qingdao, China(One of my wife’s favorite food)

 Lamb Shish Kebabs are from my hometown,Xinjiang. From picking lamb to cooking, the whole process is shown in front of customers in order to tell people how fresh their lamb is . 

Preparing Lamb Shish Kebab


Kebab source can simply be salt, pepper and cumin and also can be very complicated.

Kebab Source

 Tofu Kebab & lamb Shish Kebab 

Liangpi and Mianfeizi are two traditional food. Liangpi is made from flour. Mianfeizi is made from sheep liver and sheep fat. People like to eat Kebab with these two food. It is just like American people like to eat BBQ with bread and French fries.

Liangpi & Mianfeizi

Usually people put the whole animals such as sheep, cows and even camel into fire. This kind of Kebaba is called  Nangkeng Kebab. It is also from my hometown,Xinjiang, China.

Sheep Nangkeng Kebab and pumpkin Nangkeng Kebab

Cow Nangkeng Kebab

Fish Nangkeng Kebab

Peking Duck 

Peking duck is a famous duck dish from Beijing, China that has been prepared since the imperial era, and is now considered one of China ‘s national foods.

Peking Duck

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Next week I will talk about what big cities look like in China and America.