After the travel of many big cities, I figure out the small village is my home finally. I told my wife when we get old, I hope we can live as two rednecks, live in a small town(the smaller the better), grow vegetables and raise two dogs. God blessed me to find my lovely wife, even before I knew God. My wife was very excited when we were talking about our future redneck life. Hopefully, the dream can be true. As two potential rednecks, we have two potential places to live. One is Hemu village that lies in the northwest of China, the other one is Ouray, CO. in the west of America.

Hemu,Xinjiang, Northwest of China: Population: 1999, area: 772 square miles, average degree in winter:-16.6F. Hemu village is at the foot of Tianshan mountain. In winter, it looks like the Chinese traditional painting.

Hemu, China-The world of black and white

Early morning

The population of China is huge, but here is quiet.

People who live in Hemu are not rich but peaceful and happy. A minority group named Tuwa lives in Hemu for hundred years. Normally, each family has a small wood cabin and a stable for cows or horses.

Wood Cabin

Tuwa Family

Horse is the main transportation in Hemu. Like most of small villages in China, every family has at least one dog.

Many people in Hemu also raise cows for food and money.

Ouray, CO., West of America: Population:813, area: 0.8 square miles, average degree in winter:2-3F.

Atlas Mill and Stony Mountain are both near Ouray.

We went to Ouray in May, 2010, the snow was so heavy that our car could not climb up the mountain through Ouray.

Heavy snow in Ouray

It was snowing, but the weather was not cold. The San Juan Mountains were in thick fog. The mountains were partly hidden and partly visible.

After the snow, everywhere was super clear. I could see the top of San Juan Mountains clearly and easily. Ouray was also more vivid and colorful after the snow.

I took the video in order to record the whole process of this “spring snow”. Unfortunately, this video is not as good as my imagination. But it is still worth to watch.

Like Hemu, Ouray is also peaceful and lovely. Everything in Ouray looks cute!

We lived in a hotel called “River edge”. It is one of my favorite hotel in our western trip last year. The price was around $60 per day.

The other place I remembered is a restaurant, silver nugget restaurant. Actually, I have already forgotten what I ate. The reason I still remember it only because people can color the pictures when they are eating in that restaurant.

Silver Nugget Restaurant

My lovely wife and our snow man

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Next week I will talk about the mountains in China and America.