I mentioned Kunlun mountain on my second entry called “Farming Stone “. Because of the topic of that entry, people may think rocks must be the only thing that mountain have. Actually mountains do not only mean Rocks. They also have body, skin, blood, life even emotion and personality just like human. The Rocky mountain and Tianshan mountain are two blood brothers and sit on two sides of the world.

Tianshan Mountain, Xinjiang, China

One Part of The Rocky Mountains, CO. America

Huge Bodies:

“Tianshan” is a large system of mountain ranges located in Central Asia. The highest peak in Tian Shan is Victory Peak (Jengish Chokusu), 24,406 feet.Tianshan mountains lie to the north and west of the Taklamakan Desert and directly north of the Tarim Basin in the border region of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Xinjiang, the western China.

The Rocky Mountains are a major mountain range in western North America. The Rockies stretch more than 3,000 miles from the northernmost part of British Columbia, in western Canada, to New Mexico, in the southwestern United States. The range’s highest peak is Mount Elbert located in Colorado at 14,440 feet above sea level.

Colorful Skin:

Tianshan mountains hold important forests of Schrenk’s Spruce (Picea schrenkiana) at altitudes of over 2,000 metres; the lower slopes have unique natural forests of wild walnuts and apples.

There are ten forested zones in the Rocky Mountains.Zones in more southern, warmer, or drier areas are defined by the presence of pinyon pines/junipers, ponderosa pines, or oaks mixed with pines. In more northern, colder, or wetter areas, zones are defined by Douglas-firs, Cascadian species (such as western hemlock), lodgepole pines/quaking aspens, or firs mixed with spruce. Near treeline, zones can consist of white pines (such as whitebark pine ); or a mixture of white pine, fir, and spruce that appear as shrub-like krummholz.

The Spring in Tianshan mountains

Different Plants in Both Two Mountains

Hardly Remember Which pictures from Tianshan Which one from Rockies

Pure Blood:

The major rivers rising in the Tianshan are the Syr Darya, the Ili River and the Tarim River. The main source of municipal water to Xinjiang people is from Tianshan.

The Continental Divide is located in the Rocky Mountains and designates the line at which waters flow either to the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans. Triple Divide Peak in Glacier National Park is so named because water that falls on the mountain reaches not only the Atlantic and Pacific, but Hudson Bay as well.

Kanasi Lake, Tianshan

Sailimu Lake, Tianshan

Bear Lake, Rockies CO.

Kanasi, Tianshan

Vivid Life:

Elk, moose, mule and white-tailed deer, pronghorns, mountain goats, big horn sheep, black bears, grizzly bears, coyotes, lynxes…!

Big Horn Sheep

Big Horn Sheep



Mutable Emotions:

The weather of  both Tianshan and Rockies are easy to change in each second.

Xingxing Valley, Tianshan

Geting There: Easy? Hard?

Mountains are alive! Next week we will explore the personalities of Tianshan and The Rockies.

Learn more from:

Tianshan: http://lvyou.baidu.com/scene/view/5c76bdddd1b88617eee500dc

The Rocky mountain national park: http://www.nps.gov/romo/index.htm