After talking about the Rocky mountains and Tianshan  mountains in last entry. Do you want to know what’s at the foot of these two big mountains? Actually, it is not a news topic. I introduced two towns , Hemu and Ouray in one entry named “Sketch & Oil Painting”. They are all at the foot of big mountains. Now, let’s look at something else near the Rockies and Tianshan .

Menggubao and India yurt: Small, simple and easy to move

"Menggubao" Tianshan mountains, China

"Menggubao" at the foot of Tianshan mountains

"Menggubao" at the foot of Tianshan mountains

One Part of Southern Tianshan

Menggubao is the most common houses for “Kazakh” and “Tuwa” who are living at the foot of  Tianshan mountains.   They are two Chinese ethnic groups of nomad. The main business for living is raising cow, sheep and horse.

Kazakh family setting up "Menggubao"

Tuwa Person

Tuwa & kazakh

Not only Tianshan has Menggubao. In the Rocky mountains, one day I found an india yurt that looks similar to Menggubao. How small our world is!

An India Yurt

Wood cabins: Strong and Warm

There are another kind of house in Tianshan. It doesn’t have specific name, I just call it wood cabin. Most likely, you can be easy to find them around north of Tianshan such as Hemu , Fuyun and Baihaba. The same cabin you also can find in the other part of this world. The nearer you get close to Rockies, the more you will see the small wood cabins.

Small Cabins at the foot of Tianshan

Hemu, Tianshan

Kanasi, Tianshan

Balikun, Tianshan

Balikun, Tianshan

Let’s see how does wood cabin look like in Rockies!

On the way to the Rocky Mountain National Park

At the foot of Rockies

Luxury houses: They are built for rich visitors, do not belong to mountains in my heart. 

Expensive Hotel down Tianshan Mountains

Hotels down the Rocky Mountains

Special Foods: They are all good!

Making Kazakh Cheese in TIanshan


Worship God:  Church & Aobao

This church is located at the bottom of the Rocky mountains. I have been there twice during spring and winter.

There is an Aobao looking at Thianshan. Aobao is a symbol from buddhism.




Horse: The best friends to people who are living at the bottom of Tianshan mountains.

The life is not boring: Great artistic creations from daily life down the Rocky Mountains.

These are all from one of my friends' house

Even the whole town is the great work of art. Central City is one of my favorite city at the foot of Rockies!


The story of the Rockies and Tianshan are far from ending (to be continued)…

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