China and America, one is in the Eastern Hemisphere, the other one is in the Western Hemisphere. The flight distance is more than 6000 miles from Washington, D.C. (the capital of the U.S.) to Beijing (the capital of China). The time difference is 13hours between these two countries. How different these two countries are.

America dose not only mean Hollywood movies, Wall Street and Apple Inc. It also has western cowboys, Memphis blues and Texas BBQ.

In the same way, not every area in China is full of tall buildings and big factories. Some places even still don’t have electricity. In China, not everyone lives in the apartment of buildings with 20 or more floors. Some Chinese ethnic groups who are living in the mountains tay in the camps from generation to generation. The huge population in China is only happened in the big cities, but some parts of China are so mysterious that almost nothing has been explored. In these points, China and The U.S. are very similar.

Compared with different parts of the U.S., there are many similar characteristics can be found in different parts of China. But all these similar characteristics between the U.S. and China are not exactly the same. There are still many differences from culture, history and geography between these two big countries.

Wherever are you from, please ask yourself:Do the food of MacDonald and KFC in China taste the same as in America?

s it the real Chinese food from Chinese restaurant in America?

Does China Town in New York represent the real China today?

If you have no idea, we will figure out together in the future blogs.

From now on, each blog will focus on one specific topic. Under the same special topic, I will make a comparison between the U.S. and China and try to show how much difference and similarity of these two countries. All my purpose for creating this blog is to help people from both the U.S. (also other foreign countries) and China get more chance to know each other deeply on culture, history and geography.

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