One of my friends suggested me to compare cities in both America and China on my blog instead of always villages and mountains, he said he wanted something cool and fashionable ! Unfortunately, I am an old-fashioned young man. I know nothing about big cities except I was born in a big city, Urumqi, China. After thinking, I decide to share what big cities in both America and China look like through my eyes without any comparison and comments. Hopefully, you can find some fashion elements or interesting points from this entry.

What does big city look like?

In my mind, big cities are all made of reinforced concrete wherever they are in America or China. Do you believe big cities also have emotions?

New York City

In the day time, they are all gray and ponderous.

Wall Street, NYC

Look! They are far from each other. But how similar they look like!

They are also dirty. Toxic gas is suffusing in the air.

Urumqi, China

It is easy to get lost when I am walking on the street because every street looks the same. Compared with the tall buildings on both sides of street, I am too small to see sky.

Only when the sun sets, the city starts to get warm and vivid.

Statue of Liberty, New York

Qingdao, China

At night, the whole city wakes up! It is the show time! The most exciting moment of a day. No matter you are in

New York, America:

Grand Central, New York City

Time Square, New York City

Time Square

New york City

Qingdao, China:


or Shanghai China:

Waitan, Shanghai, China

Shanghai, China

Nanjing road, Shanghai,China

EXPO 2010, China

EXPO 2010, China

EXPO 2010,China

EXPO 2010,China

Here is a video about Time Square at night (My wife’s great job):

What do big cities mean to people?

Do they mean

• money?

• apartness?

Subway, New York City

• rush?

• street culture?

Downtown, Fort Collins, CO

There is a video I took on Beale street, Memphis, TN.

What is different from one city to the other?
At almost the end of this entry, this question comes out again. As I said in the beginning, all cities look the same in my eyes. I am not an artist or poet, as a mass communication student with computer science background, I only can find the differences among cities via unique buildings.

Christian Church, Qingdao, China

Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower, Shanghai, China

White Pagoda Temple, Beijing

Statue of Liberty, NYC

Battery Park, New York

The Alamo, San-Antonio,TX

Gateway Arch, Louis, Missouri

Graceland, Memphis, TN

These are all what I know about big cities. Hopefully, it isn’t too boring to read.

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Next week I will talk something about western China and America.