This entry is from my wife. It is all about our travel, life and love.

My wife said that:

I grew up in a small county in northwest China, big mountains, large prairies, different livestocks are all familiar to me. I like nature, the landscape of it, and the smell of it. They are all attractive tomes.My husband grew up in a fairly big city, but he also likes the landscape of countryside and mountains very much.

It's me!!!

My husband and his crazy friends

Since we get married, we traveled a lot places together. There are so many happy and sweet memories on our journey. Searching the information of every place we go on Internet or books, making plans for each trip, packing our stuff, reviewing all our souvenirs from time to time, all these details make our American life happy and been expected.

Map and marker are the most important tools for planning every trip

No matter Mesa Verde, Rocky Mountain, Black Canyon, Canyonlands, or Dodge city, Old car show, New York, Orlando Disney, each place has its own stories. We wrote our own happy stories in our hearts of these places forever. We recorded our happy time in pictures. We enjoy all the feelings on our way. We accepted all the things happened happily. 

Mesa Verde

Rocky Mountain


Dodge City

Old Car Show

New York

Orlando Disney

The heavy snow at the end of May stopped us at the foot of a big mountain. Our car chose to not move. The snow surprised us with the beautiful scenery it provided and the snowman. 

Making Snow Man

Disney made us laugh each second. We interacted with all the characters we saw in movies and on TV. We danced with little kids and doubted our age.

I love those cute animals like squirrels, in my husband eyes, they are all delicious, especially southern redneck food fried squirrel. I cannot bear it. But sometimes, I should say they are not smart, you can say I’m jealous. Because they like my husband much more than me. I tried stepped forward, they ran away immediately, when my husband went to them, they stayed there and sometimes even gathered around him.

I liked the struggled face with his “ugly green” breakfast so much. 

Do you think it is very good and convenient to have a photographer husband? It made me struggled and sometimes wanted to be angry. I like to go with him to chase the light for a perfect photo and wait for a long time in really cold or hot weather. He took several hours to wait and take one photo. But usually, it only takes him less than five seconds to take photos for me. It’s ok for me, I don’t really get angry. It’s also an interesting part of our travel.

Out of Focus!!

Our travel is still going on whenever we have time, and our happiness is going on every day in our life…!